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Fruiting Planting Days in Very Early Autumn

Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are the first of the autumn fruiting planting days, and there is gorgeous planting weather outside – cool and misty, light rain with enough breaks for the wishful planter to get damp and dirty but not drenched.  And once again I’m stuck indoors at a desk!

Consolation is that this is a bit of a between season for planting fruiting crops now – too late for all the real sun-lovers like capsicum and eggplants, and just too early yet for the cold lovers like peas and broad beans.

Hopefully I’ll get an hour or two this afternoon to plant out the advanced seedlings of capsicum, chili, tomatoes and eggplants that I have in the shadehouse.  They’ll give me one more round of late season crop in May.  But I won’t bother putting any more seed in now.  Cold weather and frost would cut their bearing season so short, I am better off saving the space to plant cold-hardy winter veggies next month.

And hopefully tomorrow I’ll get an hour or two in the garden to plant some seeds. The weather is so perfect for it, I’ll break my “only advanced seedlings” rule, and put some seed of tomatoes, beans,  zucchini and cucumber directly out into the garden.  And maybe one more little patch of sweet corn, I could just about fit in a space that a zucchini is about to give up. Maybe.  But I’d have to hand pollinate such a small patch, so maybe I’m better off saving the space for broad beans?  I’ll let you know what I decided!

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