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Kanga Kebabs

We had our annual extended family get-together last weekend, and I was delegated to bring kebabs for the barbeque. Given my current enthusiasm for kangaroo as the most ethical and healthy meat (see the post on kangaroo kofta for why), I was keen to try them on it. Most of my family have never eaten kangaroo, but my mother (also on kebabs) was bringing chicken ones, so I figured it was worth the risk.

To make 20 kebabs, I used a kilo of kangaroo steak cut into 2.5cm cubes, marinated for an hour and threaded onto pre-soaked skewers alternating with pieces of onion and red capsicum. Kangaroo is so cheap compared to other red meat, I figure it worked out at less than $1 a kebab all up.

To make the marinade, I tipped a small can (90gm) of green peppercorns, liquid and all into the blender, then used the can to measure in one can full of olive oil, one can full of lemon juice, and half a can of honey. I added a dozen or so basil leaves, whizzed until smooth, and mixed thoroughly through the kangaroo meat. I used the left-over marinade to drizzle over the kebabs on the barbeque.

They all disappeared, so I have at least that measure of success. (To my mind though, the star was my sister’s family-famous roast pumpkin and fetta salad – I am going to try to convince her to post the recipe!)

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  • Helen Mcwilliam January 30, 2010, 10:04 am

    I was surpsrised at how delicious the knaga kebabs were. I’ve had kangaroo meat a couple of other times and have not enjoyed it. The flavour in the kebabs was surprisingly delicate, the texture unusual and overall the meat was very tender. Thanks, Linda. Helen

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