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Leafy Planting Days in Late Summer

I missed this planting break. I was at the beach last week, then yesterday and today catching up at work. It’s been so wet here this week that the garden is too soggy for planting out anyhow. I try to avoid walking on it as much as possible when it’s very wet – my soil tends to get puggy.

And in late summer, leafy planting days aren’t that exciting. I have  lettuces, aragula, rocket, amaranth, basil, lime basil, coriander and mizuna as advanced seedlings in the shadehouse ready to plant out.  But the rain has germinated self seeded lettuce, aragula, amaranth and mizuna, I have plenty enough basil of all kinds still going strong, and the coriander won’t like this weather anyway.  And  I’m getting a bit bored with them now. The next leafy planting, in late February, is much more exciting.

After the beginning of February, the risk of another heat wave will be past and the days will start to get seriously shorter at an exponentially increasing rate. I’ll be able to plant all the leafies that tend to bolt to seed in the long days of summer. A much bigger range of lettuces,  parsley, endive, sorrel, celery, raddichio, silver beet, dill, coriander, nasturtiums, chives….

But it’s just a bit too early yet.  So I’m not that concerned about missing this one. Salad days are coming.

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  • Kate January 31, 2012, 10:34 am

    Just starting to think about our autumn plantings now, but we can still get some really hot days in February that will knock the leafy greens for a six. We could do with a little of your wet weather at the moment. The humidity is just so intense!

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