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Marion Nestle’s Rogue Dietary Guidelines

Marion Nestle’s blog “Food Politics” would be on my “Sites I Visit Lots” list except that it is USA food politics, and although we in Australia are heading down that road, we’re not quite there yet.  Our beef is still mostly free range not CAFO, our potatoes are still not GMO, school lunches are still mostly home packed.

But this post of hers is just as relevant on the other side of the Pacific.  I’d add in a number 7 and 8, and it would make my guidelines too.

It’s worth going to the link to see them elaborated.

  1. Eat more plants.
  2. Don’t eat more calories than you need.
  3. Eat less junk.
  4. Eat a variety of foods you enjoy.
  5. Find the joy in food.
  6. Learn to cook.

I’d need to add:

7. Eat mostly food that is fresh, in season and local.  In fact, you could probably leave out fresh and in season, because by eating local you are doing that anyway – avoiding zombie food that has been artificially ripened, dunked in preservatives, cold stored, bubble wrapped in ten layers of plastic, transported across continents, and is wearing the food equivalent of mortician’s make-up.

8. Eat mostly food grown with love and care and pride.  By you or someone you can, and do, thank.

And that’s it.  All the dietary guidelines you need!

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  • Fiona January 11, 2016, 9:13 pm

    Such sensible advice and I like the 2 you added I thing they should be at the top of the list.

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