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Snake Bean and Tomato Salad

snake bean and tomato salad

My favourite variety of beans at the moment – brown seeded snake beans.  So long as I can keep water up to them, they don’t mind how hot it gets, and they bear really prolifically over a month or more.   They make a great salad,  blanched then dressed with a balsamic olive oil garlic dressing while they are still warm.  Or, like this, lightly sauteed with lots of garlic, then cherry tomatoes and lemon basil thrown in at the last minute, pan turned off, mixed to warm through so the flavours blend.   They’re also a key ingredient in Thai fish cakes,  and with cucumber and Thai basil and all the other ingredients in season now too, Thai fish cakes are a really easy, healthy, fast, and very delicious meal. My local supermarket has frozen Whiting at $6 a kilo, and a kilo makes about 60 little fish cakes. Whiting is listed as sustainable and it’s a decent (if not exceptional) source of omega 3s.

snake beans


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  • Chris January 27, 2015, 10:46 am

    Which supermarket sells KG Whiting for $6 a kilo? More likely $60

  • Linda January 28, 2015, 11:20 am

    My IGA has frozen whiting – I’ve always thought King George, but maybe I’ll have to check what kind of whiting it is Chris.

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