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Some like it hot

snake in the sock drawer

Finally, finally it has started to get cool.  Not really cool.  Not cool enough to put to rest my nagging unease that climate change is here, already.

“Mean temperatures were highest on record through central and southeast Queensland down into northeastern New South Wales, locally on the east Tasmanian coast and Bass Strait islands, parts of the Pilbara-Gascoyne and West Kimberley regions of Western Australia, and patches of northern Arnhem Land and the Gulf Country in the Northern Territory. Most of the rest of the country had mean temperatures for April that were above average or very much above average, with just an area in southwest Western Australia and along South Australia’s west coast recording near-average temperatures.”  So says Bureau of Meteorology for April.  I am scared to look what it will say for May.  It has been up to 12° above average here lately, which is ok in May.  But 12° above average in January – my mind skids away from that idea.  It’s an el Nino year this year, and next summer looks like it could be a la Nina one, so that spike might not come for a few years.  But it would have been so so so very much easier to avoid it than it is going to be to prepare for it.

Like me, the carpet snake likes warm weather.  He (or she – we’re not that friendly) has not gone properly into hibernation yet.  She’s just decided to have a little snooze, in the sock drawer.  Lucky it’s bare feet and sandals weather still.

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  • Zena May 29, 2016, 10:58 pm

    Holy heck how did that snake sneak in to your house and in to the sock draw. I was worried every day when we lived in an old bush house in the Kosciuszko National Park that a brown snake would sneak in to the house. I’m very worried about this unseasonal heat wave.

  • Linda May 30, 2016, 7:31 am

    She’s a carpet snake -not venomous and only dangerous to mice and rats, and chickens unfortunately. She’s not big enough to take on a full grown chook but she may be responsible for eating our guinea fowl chicks in summer. Bush lore is that they keep brown snakes away, which might have some truth to it – they’re territirial, and compete for the same prey. She’s been moved on from the sock drawer though. Friendly to wildlife doesn’t go yhat far!

  • cityhippyfarmgirl June 22, 2016, 1:00 pm

    Now that would have been a bit of a surprise Linda. Socks? Yep have the socks, have them all.

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