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Spinach and Feta Omelette Pikelets

It’s a simple trick:  if you whisk egg whites until they are fluffy, they expand, by a huge amount.  Add a few tasty low fat ingredients and you can create a big breakfast that is healthy, filling, and very low calorie.

This recipe makes a dozen omelette pikelets with just three eggs.

The Recipe:

Separate the yolks and whites of three eggs.

Whisk the whites with an egg beater until they are light and fluffy.  An old fashioned egg beater is a fantastic tool and this is much easier than some cookbooks make it out to be!  Use your older eggs (very fresh eggs are a little harder to beat), at room temperature, use a clean bowl and be careful not to get any yolk in the white.  (I separate the eggs one by one into a cup, then pour the whites into a bowl.  That way, if a yolk breaks I can just put that whole egg in the filling and crack another for its white.)

Blanch a bunch of spinach, or strip the green leaf from about 4 or 5 silver beet leaves and blanch by steaming briefly.  In the food processor, blend them with the egg yolks and about 50 grams of low fat feta cheese, a dessertspoon of low fat cottage cheese, and a dessertspoon of wholemeal self raising flour.

Fold this mixture into the egg whites.

Drop tablespoons of the mixture into a pan with just a little olive oil, and fry on a medium flame till they are set and golden.

They’re good with a tomato salsa or chutney or chilli jam.

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