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They had been living in a little backyard pen with a baby bath for water.  It was the best fun I’ve had in ages, watching ducks discover water.  The dived and fluffed and preened and splashed and put on several R rated shows.  You have never seen an animal so happy!

With  geese (there are eleven of them now, fully grown, and unfortunately all named – so much for goose dinner, at least this year!) and chooks we now have quite a collection of poultry.  We have had ducks before and found them rather too vulnerable to goannas, foxes and wild dogs.  These muscovies are a bit bigger though, and with two drakes and a floating island in the middle of the dam to escape to,   I’m hoping they will survive.

I’m dreaming duck eggs this time: they already have names (Sir Francis, Sir Walter, Daphne and Simone) so I think they’re already off the duck dinner agenda. And though the geese managed to successfully raise a clutch of goslings, I’m not too hopeful about raising ducklings.  Just too tasty for the wildlife.