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50 Things About Me

  1. I’m the Linda Woodrow who wrote The Permaculture Home Garden.
  2. I’m not the Linda Woodrow who was briefly married or engaged or something, to Elton John.
  3. I have had a kitchen garden for about 35 years now.
  4. I live in Australia, in rural Northern NSW.
  5. My climate is sub tropical – warm dry windy spring, hot summers with unreliable thunderstorms, warm wet autumn, cool but not cold winter.  This makes me a very lucky gardener.
  6. I also live on a hill – nearly 300 metres above sea level – so my garden is pretty well frost free.
  7. My garden these days is quite small and very intensively fenced to keep out possums, wallabies, paddymelons, bush turkeys, bower birds, cockatoos, flying foxes, goannas, carpet snakes, quolls, and other assorted wildlife.
  8. Sadly, I can’t use chook domes any more. See above. But I have a new chook roost design that is working well and allowing me to still use chooks as part of the system.
  9. One of the most important things I have done in my life was a riparian restoration project that planted a forest: you’d think the wildlife would go live there!
  10. I live with my partner of over 30 years, Lewie, who is the smartest, funniest, most creative, honest, and sexiest man I know, and also the laziest.
  11. He likes fishing, but not gardening.
  12. I have two grown up kids, a son and a daughter, who are both people anyone would choose in their “survive the zombocalypse” crew, and one two-year-old grandson (so far). Having him “help” pick strawberries out of the garden the best fun thing I know.
  13. I am a Virgo, but I don’t believe in astrology.
  14. But co-incidentally, I’m a pretty good Virgo.
  15. I do believe in science.  I love the scientific method for observing and understanding reality.
  16. And thus I find it hard to believe that anyone doesn’t believe that climate change requires us all to seriously change our addictive consumerism, now, yesterday.
  17. When they believe in electricity and aeroplanes?
  18. In fact the only way I can make any sense of it is that they mustn’t like life –  their own life, other peoples’ lives, human species life, biodiversity, life in general – and this is shocking.
  19. Because I believe what is sacred is the miracle that this blue green planet circling a small outlying star put together the right conditions for the marvel of evolution to happen. How unlikely is that?
  20. I feel very lucky to be the beneficiary of this miracle because life is good.
  21. And to honour its goodness, I plan to live long and enjoy it, in solidarity with all the other lives – human and other- doing the same thing.
  22. Which makes me a witch.  Or at least a pagan.
  23. And brings me back to the theme of food gardening, and cooking and enjoying fresh healthy food.
  24. Because food is one of the great pleasures of life. (Just one of them, but a good one.)
  25. And maybe now is a good spot to add that I’m not a vegetarian – I have been in the past, and sometimes we go for a long time without eating meat, but philosophically I think predation is a natural part of the cycle of life.
  26. So long as the animals have a good life, preferably wild and free.
  27. It worries me that we feed fish to cats when there aren’t enough fish to feed people in much of the world.
  28. I like cooking. It is a way to relax and be creative and show nurturing care for people.
  29. Possibly a little too much.  I work  pretty well full time lately, often on a computer.  So I have to watch I don’t put on weight,
  30. But the whole idea of “diets” just doesn’t fit in my world.
  31. And fake food made industrially sets me off on a rant.
  32. I live in a home built house, and I hammered in a good percentage – in fact probably most –  of the nails in it.
  33. I live with stand-alone solar power which provides all the electricity anyone could possibly need.
  34. We have a composting toilet, a system that is still being improved.  ‘Nuff said
  35. Our hot water comes from solar panels in summer and a slow combustion stove in winter and there’s plenty of heat though sometimes not a huge amount of water.
  36. Our water comes from tanks and dams and some years we have to be very frugal with it.
  37. I am a very bad housekeeper.
  38. I think perfect is the enemy of good and being purist is dangerous, which is just as well because otherwise I’d have to totally disown myself.
  39. I like mending and making things and making things last.
  40. I like the challenge and elegance in being frugal.
  41. Left to myself, I would have very little stuff, but I live with a bloke who likes old things and the stories they hold.
  42. I live in a community set up in the early 1980’s.
  43. I think if we forget and lose the skills of living as a community, we are going to be in big trouble, especially as we negotiate the challenges ahead.
  44. So I am pleased some of we hippies stuck with the learning and managed to invent models of functional community.
  45. I love the beach but I wouldn’t want to live there.
  46. I love the internet – information and ideas – such treasure.
  47. I’m not at all sure though that mobile phones are a necessary invention.
  48. Or any music system since vinyl.
  49. I am basically very shy and don’t like talking about myself, so this is hard.
  50. I started this blog because I had an epiphany that it wasn’t ok to let shyness stop me when we need all hands on deck to create a cultural shift.