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I wrote an e-book!

1-The_Muesli_Bar_Challenge-001 The recipes are all here on Witches Kitchen, but the e-book makes them easier to access offline, and to search for ingredients, and to print. The quantities are in both US and Australian measurements, and the Pdf version is formatted to be easy to print.

Thanks go to the young reviewers who helped make it – Oak, Ned, Busta, Clancy, Chloe, Jayden, Ebony, Rosie, Ollie.

I’d love your feedback and reviews.

It’s available at Smashwords for $3US. (Click the link below)


And at iTunes:

The USA iTunes store

The Australian iTunes store

The UK iTunes store

And it should be at all the other iTunes stores too – just search for the name.

And at Amazon Kindle:

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For Amazon.com

For Amazon.co.uk

For Amazon.ca

For Amazon.com.au