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next bed to be chooked

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  • Bronwyn February 19, 2012, 3:56 pm

    Are your circles still ~4m in diameter? And how far apart are the star pickets?
    My dome is collapsing, and I need to upgrade.

  • Linda February 19, 2012, 4:56 pm

    Most of he circles are about 4 metres diameter – 2 sheets of weldmesh circumference. But I made one with 3 sheets of weldmesh (18 metres), and I like it better. If I was making them all again, and I had no established garden to work around, I’d probably go the bigger size. I have two posts holding a gate, and three star pickets as the frame. Two sheets of weldmesh create some rigidity, each one attached to a gate post at one end, a star picket in the middle, and the same star picket at the other end. There is sparrow wire dug in around the bottom, outside the weldmesh. (This is important. The first one I made had the sparrow wire on the inside, and it’s a pain to tie anything to it to climb. A big lump of wood under the gate to stop the bandicoots burrowing in there. Then there is a run of chicken wire, then bird netting over the top. The bird netting will stretch wide enough even for the big one (but only just). A piece of gal pipe in the middle to hold the roost.

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